Tennis Ball Carnivals


Tennis Ball Carnivals are for players who love cricket but don’t want to commit to a full season! This form of cricket is the ultimate organised backyard cricket, where you can get together with friends and play 6 games over two days. The rules are modified and everyone gets a bat and bowl, using a soft tennis ball, like you’d use if you were in your backyard or at the beach

There is no need to fear being a beginner as half of each team is required to not play Saturday Hard Ball cricket. If you’ve played a game of cricket at the beach or in your backyard, you are ready to play in a Tennis Ball Carnival. Sharpen up you skills with rules like “one hand one bounce” catches counting.


    With games played over 2 days you can have the rest of your Summer to go to the beach and pursue other activities, without saying no to cricket. Each day you play 3 fast paced games from morning to early afternoon – all 3 games are completed by 1pm.

    Playing in this competition will develop your cricket skills that will transfer to Hard Ball cricket should you choose to play another form of cricket later on. Even if you play Hard Ball Cricket, playing in a Tennis Ball Carnival team can be a fun way to get together with some of your friends who don’t play Hard Ball Cricket and have fun!