Soft Ball Smash


    New for this season are leagues played with a soft cricket ball. Players can enjoy all the action of cricket, without any fear of getting hurt. Watch as your child thrives in an atmosphere where they a free to play all sorts of shots they see their heroes play on TV, without having to wear a helmet or pads!

    With our new Soft Ball Smash competitions, there is no need to buy any expensive gear at all for you child! All they will need to play is their club uniform and a bat – Clubs will provide bats, balls and wickets, which is all you really need to play.


    Soft Ball Smash is played on Saturday mornings, with games that start early and end early. Schedules are designed to limit travel and allow children to enjoy a fast paced game without having to commit even a whole morning.

    Without the fear of a hard ball, playing a game where you get a chance to try out all aspects of cricket, children develop their skills at an accelerated rate. Whether children move on to playing hard ball cricket or not, they will have fun and be able to learn new skills.