What is Club Cricket for Junior Girls and Boys, and what makes it different?


Cricket for Junior Girls and Boys is all about giving young players an opportunity to play cricket with their friends in an active, fun and competitive environment.

✓ Less players
✓ Shorter games
✓ Shorter pitches
✓ Reduced boundary sizes
✓ Ensure every player has more opportunities

This gives everyone an opportunity to bat, bowl and develop!

For our soft ball grades in particular, we encourage mixed teams. As junior cricket progresses to hard ball grades, we still are more than happy for girls to play in boys grades, however, do offer separate girls only competitions from Year 5 upwards.


    Our Junior Girls and Boys Cricket experience is all about accelerating development towards advanced cricket skills in a way which involves more balls in play, improvements in fielding techniques, a focus on accuracy in fielding, more accurate bowling and a commitment towards reducing the time commitment that cricket has traditionally been subject to.

    Girls and Boys are encouraged to participate in cricket to develop as players and as people. Cricket participation, in its many forms, is an avenue to increased health and wellness.

    Junior Cricket is a great way for girls and boys to be active and enjoy Summer with friends.