Questions about Buying Cricket Gear?

Craig and Robbie have answers…!

Buying cricket gear can be daunting for parents. If you aren’t familiar with cricket, the gear certainly looks expensive and there seems to be lots of it to buy. This really isn’t the case.

Junior cricket starts with a soft ball, so you don’t really need much protective gear, if any at all. As you progress to hard ball cricket, all Auckland Cricket Clubs provide basic equipment in their team gear bags, so unless you really want to have your own gear, you don’t need to buy pads, helmets, etc.

When your child is serious about cricket and you would like to buy gear for them, Craig and Robbie have some tips that will help you buy the right gear for them – most children’s cricket gear is not expensive at all.

Auckland Aces,
Craig Cachopa and Robbie O’Donnell,
walking off together after winning the Ford Trophy

Buying Cricket Gear