What is BatFirst?

BatFirst consists of three parts: Get Creative, Get Social and Get Together.

Get Creative – Students are given the opportunity to personalise their own bat stickers, using colouring pens donated to the school.

Get Social – 
BatFirst Ambassadors will assist students with learning and playing two simple fun games; outlines for the games are included with the set.

Get Together –
 Festival Days for schools to play together.

For additional information or how to get involved, contact Amanda: adavies@aucklandcricket.co.nz


BatFirst will eventually put a BatFirst pack in the hands of every Year 3 child that attends a Decile 5 or lower school in Auckland. Our long-term goal is to help children in low decile schools have better sporting and physical activity opportunities, which can assist in their overall educational and social development.

One of the biggest barriers for children being physically active can be having the tools to start. BatFirst aims to remove that and give them basic ideas to get playing and get active.  With every BatFirst Pack you buy, we’ll be able to provide another BatFirst Pack to a child in a low decile school.

With your help, BatFirst will reach at least 6,000 children this season.

Buy One BatFirst Pack (includes design your own bat label and ball) and Give One – $25

Buy One BatFirst Pack (includes design your own bat label and ball) and Give Two – $50